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We're proud to be supporting Albany Bike Rescue as one of our first sponsored charities. ABR is an organization working to recycle bicycles, teach bike maintenance, and get people riding safe bikes. We spoke with Christy Johannessen who is a volunteer with the Bike Rescue to learn a bit more about the organization and how people can get involved:

How long have you been involved with Albany Bike Rescue?

I have worked with the Albany Bike Rescue since 2010.

What is Albany Bike Rescue's mission?

The main mission of the Albany Bike Rescue is to teach bicycle mechanic skills. The goal is for people learn how to maintain their own bicycles and become able share their knowledge with others. We help in repurposing bicycles to keep them out of landfills. We encourage bicycling for transportation, exercise, and recreation.

Can you describe a typical night as a volunteer at the Albany Bike Rescue?

Each class begins with a short introduction to the subject matter, a demonstration, and then an hour of hands-on, volunteer assisted, application of the lessons. Classes are offered once per week. The current classes cover 1) brakes 2) chain, shifting & derailleurs, and 3) wheel hubs. During the winter season more advanced classes are offered, such as working with bottom bracket overhauls, headset overhauls, and wheel truing.

What kind of help does Albany Bike Rescue need most, and what is the best way for people to get involved?

The Albany Bike Rescue is a completely volunteer run organization. We encourage people to come work as volunteers as we need a variety of talent that can be put to use. Positions include: Instructor, Mechanic, Administrative, Communications, Parts Cleaning/Organizing. We also appreciate donations of bicycles, bicycle parts, and cash.

What ages can be involved with Albany Bike Resuce?

The Albany Bike Rescue encourages all ages that are capable of picking up wrenches and fixing bicycles. We really like to see the youth come to our program and learn new skills.

What's your favorite thing about the city of Albany?

Albany is a small city with a number of activities in the city and nearby. One of my city favorites is free summer plays at the Park Playhouse in Washington Park. I very much enjoy cycling and skiing in the areas around Albany.

How would you like to see Albany change?

I would love to see Albany have safer biking conditions so that more people would feel safe and comfortable using bicycles as a means of transportation.

Classes are Tuesdays from 6–8pm

Location: 15 Trinity Place, Albany


Sign-ups via email are required.

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