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This is an 1857 map of Albany's north end (the lumber district) that we've overlaid on a modern Google map of the area. You can pan, zoom, and use the sliding opacity control in the upper right hand corner to view more or less of the original map. The overlay will disappear if you zoom in/out too far.

The original map and the images below are from the Albany Institute of History & Art (there are many more interesting images accessible by following that link). If you're interested in projects like this be sure to also check out our 1877 map overlay of the entire city.

The current site of Wolff's Biergarten appears to be directly across the street from a former brewery. The building on the 1857 map looks similar in shape and size to the building that currently houses Stout, but we don't know if it's the same building or not. If you have any information we'd love to hear about it in the comments.

EDIT Here's what the folks from the Orchard Tavern have to say about the brewery: “We're pretty sure the brewery you mention is the old Beverwyck Brewery, which was bought by and became Quinn & Nolan Beverwyck Brewery. The small connection here is that Q&N had the original deed to our building back in the early 1900's and was built either for the NYCRR workers to drink or to store excess barrels.”

It's interesting to see the Van Rensselaer Mansion and its large gardens immediately surrounded by the canal, railroads, and the growing industrial center. According to the Albany Institute site, the family moved out of the house around 1875 and the building was dismantled in 1893 by none other than Marcus T. Reynolds. The photograph below captures the house in about 1890 (the gardens were already gone by then):

Van Rensselaer Manor House

EDIT We've posted some more details and better photos of the mansion here.

One of the primary uses for the Erie canal was transporting lumber (hence the growth of the "lumber district"). The photo below shows a canal barge with a stockpile of lumber, probably in one of the branches along the canal:

Frank A. Jagger Lumber Boat

Let us know in the comments if you find anything else interesting in the map!

Isn't the map out of alignment in some places?

We tried our best to get the map aligned properly but it was a bit tricky to reconcile modern technology with 19th century cartography.

Can you do this for another map of Albany that I know of?

Sure. Send us a link to an interesting Albany map and we'll try to find some time to post it.

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