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This is an 1877 map of the city of Albany, NY that we've overlaid on a modern Google map of the city. You can pan, zoom, and use the sliding opacity control in the upper right hand corner to view more or less of the original map. The overlay will disappear if you zoom in/out too far.

Check out how downtown has evolved. A lot of the original streets remain (with the obvious exception of the area around the South Mall and arterial). Look out along Delaware Ave, up into Pine Hills, and across the river in Rensselaer to see areas that have undergone dramatic changes over the past 136 years.

If you're interested in projects like this be sure to also check out our 1857 map overlay of Albany's lumber district.

Isn't the map out of alignment in some places?

We tried our best to get the map aligned properly but it was a bit tricky to reconcile modern technology with 19th century cartography.

Can you do this for another map of Albany that I know of?

Sure. Send us a link to an interesting Albany map and we'll try to find some time to post it.

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